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    March 22, 2013
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a catholic high school parents are stunned after a coach admits in soliciting sex.
good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. a high school coach is under fire after admitting he used craigslist to solicittic sex while traveling with the catholic team. deborah villalon is live where we just found out that the coach also posted elicit pictures of himself. >> reporter: hello, the team just left. the team is known as the lady pride but the court side to the limelight and not in a way that makes the legion pride. >> he's a nice guy. great guy. i can't believe that. >> reporter: parents are shocked before he left taylor put congratulations on facebook with a group picture him and the team. but arriving in sacramento he
admits getting on craigslist and posting several photos of his general tills soliciting sex and explaining he's busy coaching tomorrow so it'll be late tonight after lights are off for our girls. >> that's a big no, no. >> reporter: surprised turned serious for parents who's kids played sports. >> i wouldn't want my daughter around them. >> reporter: tonight taylor has been e -- ejected from the event and have no contact with students. >> heavens no, not at all. >> reporter: several students were asked if taylor ever acted inappropriately and they said no. >> especially when you're working with students it's one of those things you don't want to get near that boundary. >> you can't really regulate
it but you can get it in trouble. but if you put it out there and you know it's his, shame on you. >> reporter: taylor is a grad helping with the basket team for several years. but the principal says he doesn't think that taylor has traveled with the team overnight. he admitted by phone he very much regrets that craigslist post. kauffman turned himself in this morning in martinez. he was charged with six felony counts and six misdemeanors alleging he sexually molested one boy. we have developing news tonight from castro valley where deputies show and wounded
a man tonight. alameda county sheriff's department responded to a home in middleton road. they say he had what appeared to be a rifle and pointed it at the deputies. a sergeant fired hitting the man. officials say it was in fact, a pipe with a handle taped to it. >> from outward appearances it looks like a firearm. given the fact that it's nighttime makes me believe he knew exactly what he was doing. >> the man was about 50 years old and was taken to edne medical center. still no word on his condition. sheriff deputies came up empty in their search for a man who brutally beat a woman outside of a sandwich shop. the man ended up covered in
blood trying to save the victim's life. matt. >> reporter: the search for the suspect ended up a couple of hours ago. across the street behind me is where the incident took place in front of dozens of people inside the togo's. >> if you could just see him stabbing the girl. she was on the floor and he was going at it stabbing her. he stabbed her like 20 times. >> reporter: his hands and shirt were covered in blood when police interviewed him after the victim was taken to the hospital. >> i turned her over. she had a huge gash in her neck just massive blood pouring out. she had gashes in her arms like she tried to defend herself. >> reporter: matt says he did not see the man stabbing the woman and trying to get her to fell him who did it. police blocked off the
neighborhood starting ago door to door search. finding evidence but no suspect in this home. >> they have back houses to these lots they are pretty good size. there's a lot of places to hide. >> with the gravity of the crime, we errorred on the side of the caution, sealed off the neighborhood and conducted the search. >> reporter: no one was found in the search and police are not releasing a detailed description of the suspect. but for matt and the other people who witnessed this brutal crime making sense of what happened will not come easily. >> it hasn't really sunk in. i'm sure tonight as i lay in bed i'm going to be thinking about it. >> reporter: students at burnett were kept in their classrooms until they were escorted out by officers. they were taken out to their parents a few hours later. police are looking for a 12-
year-old girl missing since yesterday. jenica fredrick may be upset about something that happened at her home. that's where she was last seen getting ready to go to school. she's described at 4'9" tall 115 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. he was last seen with a green plaid jacket and pink backpack. police took this photo of the graffiti and said it could take hundreds of dollars to clean it up. several people spray painted the area. the words asher and yb can be seen on the graffiti. contra costa county
authorities held an special operation. >> reporter: two transfer facilities they say are working illegally. >> these people are not dumping these things legally. they're dumping it. >> reporter: investigators tell us a fire at this operation last october where flames raged for hours. refocused efforts that can create fire risks and health and environmental issues. >> if they're not handle the waste properly they could get fly breeding and mice and rat breeding. >> reporter: contamination is something they have to worry
about when they see fertilizer. >> the water is going to flow to the bay. >> reporter: operators at both facilities will be sited, one could also face civil or criminal prosecution. >> people feel that they're communities are being polluted and dumped on by other people who are taking a shortcut to make a profit. in west contra costa county, cara liu. treasure island development authority officials sent a letter to island residents today telling them about five more radio active sites found this week. the sites are located near a housing area. the soil did in the appear to pose a significant health risk. the navy sent their owninvestigator, removed some soil and plan to send their open inspectors. and people held a protest. today's protest followed a
federal judge's refusal for nudity. the ban went into effect on january 1st, the woman who was detained today said she was release add short time later. wall street ended the day with small gains. for the weeks it was down a fraction. the nasdaq was up 22. strong earnings reports drove the markets. those were people from san francisco based marin software ringing the opening bell of the new york stock exchange. this was the company's first day of trading. marin software is a advertising management service giving companies ways to create apps. shares closed up 16% at $16.23. in 90 seconds -- >> a family comes to sfo to meet a plane from vietnam.
the person on board who could save their son's life and the emotional meeting today. bay area students sickened and returned to the hospital. >> she looked pretty stoned to me. >> what they ate and what it was laced with. >> and we'll tell you how warm it'll get as we head into your saturday and sunday. $4 doesn't really buy you much these days, huh? unless you're at denny's. where there are always great choices for four dollars, on the 2$4$6$8 value menu ®.
a brother's love brings him half way around the world to save his life.
they met today at san francisco international airport. jana katsuyama has the story. >> reporter: julie that little boy 5-year-old collin has been diagnosed with a rare disease. he was adopted and against all the odds, they found the match who arrived here at sfo today. and it is his own brother. >> reporter: collin mcfadden walks with a spring in his step and today he and his family drove from nevada to sfo for a meeting that could save his life. collin was adopted from vietnam when he was 14 months old, in 2011 his parents learned his son has a rare disease. >> my bottom hurts and my back hurts. >> reporter: a doctor told them that a bone marrow transplant was the only way to save him. >> reporter: collin is lucky.
his parents have kept in touch with his birth family in vietnam and just before christmas they learned collin's brother. >> i'm meeting tah. >> reporter: tell us who that is? >> tho is my brother. >> nervous, nervous to meet him. excited, nervous. >> reporter: and finally they saw him. >> that's him. >> there he is. >> after 14,000 miles tho gave his little brother he hasn't seen in years a hug. it was a difficult trip though. tho's own 2-year-old son had needed surgery which tho couldn't afford until collins parents heard and decided to help. >> they wouldn't operate because they couldn't afford it. we insisted to pay for the surgery. tho's son recovered after surgery and now tho's brother
is getting help. >> we're really lucky and grateful. >> lucky for a bond. >> thank you. >> that has brought two brothers back together. >> reporter: collin and his brother will go to children's hospital in oakland for testing and will have a transplant by mid-april. reporting live at sfo tonight, jana katsuyama. the northeast is buzzing tonight with reports of a large meteor streaking across the sky. this comes from a security camera at a car dealer in salisbury maryland about 8:00 p.m. eastern time. sightings were reported from south carolina to kentucky. nasa says it appears it was a single meteor event but hasn't been confirmed as of yesterday. firefighters say they found a bedroom filled with marijuana plants. the fire started near lake merit on tyler and 17th street.
fire officials say in addition to the pot plants they found a large bank of batteries in the attic. officials say they weren't sure if the batteries were part of the marijuana grow. an investigation is under way in hayward after five middle school students became ill. ill from possibly eating drug laced brownnies they got in school. we spoke to one man who had to rush his sister to the hospital. >> reporter: as kids walked out of martin luther king middle school many had already heard the news. some what was in the brownnies were passed around in wood shop. the school called to say she was throwing up.
>> she felt drowsiness, tired, nervous, tingling. >> the school board and superintendent need to take action for this right away. it's not acceptable. >> reporter: the school told them the brownnies and cookies came from a near by high school student. but they notified parents when students started getting sick. >> one student was getting care. the other was walking in with her parent. >> somebody has to address this here before any of these kids lose their lives over whatever kind of dope or drug it is. >> reporter: today the school district said it's launching disciplinary action but wouldn't say how many students were involved. hayward police are also investigating. in hayward, eric rasmussen. city workers in walnut
creek may be facing charges for failing to report sexually abuse of a coworkers. pedroza worked part time as an assistance for the center repertory theater. now city and county fishes ar fishes -- officials are looking into whether several city employees broke the law. city officials tell us they can't tell us who the employees are but they do tell us nobody has been placed on administrative leave. police may the heighten
their presence at friday streets. council members want to use fewer officers at the next event. wearing blue hard hats and scooping with golden shovels ucsf leaders broke ground on a building at a new mission bay campus. the mission hall global health and clinical sciences building is scheduled to open next year. they will operate at the women, children and cancer. the 4,200 long tunnels will allow cars to zip by. once the tunnels are open the old portion of the highway will be converted to a park for
hiking and biking. bay area weekend is here. it's going to be a nice one. today's temperatures will warm up a couple of degrees. 45 in napa, it's kind of chilly. a little chilly when you get going. i don't think you'll see any frost if you're a golfer. i do know that we'll see more 70s tomorrow than we saw today. the yellow represents 70-degree temperatures so greens are 60s. so lots of mid- and upper 60s tomorrow with low 70s shows up in the north and east bay valleys. no fog to talk about. tonight looks like a windy day. we'll dial in your temperatures for sunday and in the five day forecast there's some rain coming it's actually in there so we'll set that up as well. we'll so you back here at 10:45. >> it's graduation day for dozens of police recruits in oakland. >> this is part of the process
of rebuilding the organization. >> the ceremony couldn't have come at a better time. new video from a chain reaction involving two police cars. what police tell us they witnessed. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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new video of an unusual accident in san francisco. it happened around 8:30 tonight in the 4,000 block of mission street near the ymca. officers who were at the scene investigating some sort of argument when a pickup sideswiped one of the police cars ending it to a second police car that's when a pickup hit the second cruiser. the pickup driver was arrested for dwi. a group of recruits
graduated from the police academy. ktvu's jade hernandez shows us how this graduating class is already boosting moral within opd. >> reporter: police chief howard jordan says being an oakland officer is a very tough job in a very tough city but the new job marks a new phase of the department. today the oakland police department gains 36 new officers. six months later, inside the scotish rite temple, city leaders and family members gathered to celebrate. >> police officers not training officers anymore. you're now police officers congratulations. >> reporter: mayor jean quan
emphasized the diverse crowd. some speak english, mandarin. and some ties keep others giving to the city. >> and retired oakland police department frank low. >> cheers came from the low family as the father pinned a badge on his son. and the academy will continue training a new recruit class begins right here in oakland on monday: jade hernandez, ktvu news. more details now, today's graduating class also included seven dispatchers for oakland police. the dispatchers went through 40 weeks of training in all there are now 65 dispatchers answering 911 calls and sending out officers. apple says it is working on a glitch. it found a step by step tutorial online that makes it possible to gain access to
anyone's apple i.d. account then reset the password. the latest security flaw comes just days after apple sent out a fix for another flaw that allowed users to get past an iphone's locked screen without knowing the pass code. blackberry today released its new touch screen phone. the company's redesigned cell phone wept on sale today at at&t stores. then blackberry shares dropped 8% following reports that customers were less than excited about the touch screen model. a man impersonating a pilot makes it all the way to a plane's cockpit. what he did that finally gave him away. but first -- a musical protest in san francisco. the latest in the symphony musicians strike and the one show that will go on this weekend. >> and a woman was fired after
posting a facebook and twitter message. find out what she said.
san francisco's symphony musicians took their strike to businesses in hayes valley today trying to gardener support for their stalled negotiations. the musical protest now in its second week took place just a few blocks from davies hall. the musicians then went door to door talking about how the protest could impact their neighbors. >> the musicians bring hundreds of thousands of dollars to the city when we stop playing that affects everybody. >> reporter: while negotiations have stopped the show will go on for sunday's san francisco symphony youth orchestra
concert. it features mentors of musicians in involved in that strike. ken, we attended the san mateo woman's conference. we spoke to leaders there about the controversy. this is the 29th annual award reception at the san mateo history museum honoring women for achievements such as breaking the glass ceiling. >> it's about always being vigilant and supporting each other. >> reporter: ma was one of today's recipients. we spoke to her about adria richards. she is the woman who tweeted,
not guilty cool. jokes about women. richards also posted a photo of the men. one of them was fired by his company. richards employer colorado based send grid fired her. saying that the decision to tweet the comments and photograph of the men who made the comments crossed the line. >> i don't think she crossed the line. >> reporter: hill says richards did the right thing by reporting the incident. >> i have a daughter, i have a granddaughter and if thought of them having to experience something that would make them feel as this woman may have felt is, it makes me cringe. >> reporter: others say caution should always be used when posting on social media. >> the lines are still very blurred about what is acceptable and what we're able to do with it and how people are using it and it goes viral so quickly. >> we have a lot of work to do still about how we protect each other's privacy. >> reporter: we reached out to
adrias richards but we have not heard back from her. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a french national is in custody in philadelphia tonight charged with impersonating an airline pilot. 69-year-old phillipe jenard wore a shirt with an airline logo and had phony credentials. when he could not get a seat, he made his way to the cockpit and sat with the pilots. investigators are trying to find out how he managed to bluff his way to the cockpit and why. the president met with jordan's king. jordan is the closest arab ally
-- allie of the u.s. president obama said he believes syria's regime will collapse eventually. >> well i am very concerned about syria becoming an onclave for extremists. president obama also took a trip to bethlehem where the bible says the nativity scene took place. a proposal that takes up to 10% of bank accounts was met with fierce resistance. three way clashes broke out
at the offices of the muslim brotherhood. they fought with each other and riot police. the muslim brother brotherhood is trying to monopolize power. thousands of police have gone on strike making things worse. and in paris the bells of noter dam rang out again but only as a test. the bells are made to mark noter dame's anniversary. many parisians had complained the old bells were out of tune. the speed limit at the toll bridge will go from 15 miles per hour to 35. the bridge will switch to all electronic toll taking and cars will no longer have to stop at
the toll plaza. an unusual art creation that seems to show furniture being thrown out of furniture may soon be removed. if art on a former hotel on sixth and howard south of market. the city now owns the property and is considering a prompt to build affordable housing. the city will review the proposal in april. tomorrow should be an exhausting day for fans of the uc berkeley basketball. the cal woman's team is set to play its first ncaa tournament game in texas. some expect the woman's team to make it all the way. and the men's upset yesterday has fanned pumped up. >> i live with a couple of guys and we're all watching it. so yeah, everyone around campus there's some buzz. >> there's a lot of people ripping cal now and talking about the team sos it's fun to
be around. >> reporter: the game is sold out and court side tickets have an asking price of $2,000 a seat. >> wow. control towers ordered closed. how the federal cut backs affect northern california and why more cuts may be coming. >> bill martin is updating his forecast. at 10:45 he's back with when we will see the return of some rain. >> ripping off i pads at one bay area high school. how a principal came to the rescue to crack down a criminal.
a small plane made an emergency landing today on a southern california freeway. the single engine cessna touched down on state route 125 in san diego county. the pilot says the plane lost power while approaching ground field airport. one lane of the highway was close -l while they worked to tow the aircraft. investigators say 39-year- old amanda vente was walking along the southbound lanes this morning when she was struck. the driver left the scene. the highway patrol says it's not clear why vente was on the freeway at the time. oakland city council president says she's working on a process to censer colleagues.
it would include any fines. the city audit which we first told you about yesterday alleges more than a dozen allegations by brooks and reed. the council members deny any wrong doing. the city council also plan as public discussion on theish -- plan -- plans a public discussion on the issue. >> reporter: st. ignacious college prep. inside it seems like every student has an i pad. >> it helps you get organized. >> reporter: that's because everyone does. the school leases the i pads from i apple and hands them to the student. >> you can open up certain apps that you can take notes and add
more in-depth details. >> reporter: the i pads are not only valuable inside the school, they're also valuable to those outside. yesterday the dean of students spotted the individual alerted the principal and a conversation was struck. >> we talked to him a little further it became clear that he was more and more uncomfortable. then when we said we're just going to call the police that's when he took off. >> reporter: so did ruff chasing the man right through campus into the grass. >> he started to take off and that's where i held him. >> reporter: police arrested gabriel ruiz vega. >> the tablets that were found on him yesterday were identified by students as theirs. >> he is protecting us in a way
because he doesn't want an intruder to take what doesn't belong to him and that's something important. >> reporter: caught on campus out here at sunset. it is a story that at this school could stick around. mike mibach, ktvu news. bay area police department has joined forces with other police. from new zealand to sunny vale to palo alto spent the day tweeting about their occurrences. >> i have a 14-year-old daughter who spends a lot of time on social media and it's funny that me her dad is doing this as part of my work. >> reporter: in all more than 200 police departments are taking part and many are still online tonight. if you would like to see what's going on search for hash tag
poltwt. >> i think we will have some chaos. >> the closures some people could make our skies dangerous for planes. when and where to expect the warmest conditions this weekend. >> then -- >> on its way. >> the move two men took while this tornado tore through this neighborhood. [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. go. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is! [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. [ laughter ]
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take a look at this two men got dangerously close to a tornado near victoria australia. one man took pictures while the driver sped escape it. he said it appeared to be moving about 50 miles per hour. that was one of two tornadoes that destroyed several homes and injured about 20 people. tornadoes are rare in that part of australia. classes will resume tomorrow at skyline college in san bruno after a suspicious package forced the evacuation of campus tonight. someone left what investigator
called a suspicious package in building seven. the bomb squad responded and discovered that the context of the package which turned out to be a suitcase were not dangerous. the democrats are calling for almost $1 trillion in tax increases over the next decade. they also want to save social programs that republicans want to eliminate. standing in the way are many many amendments. >> we had about 400 amendments filed. we're not going to do 400 amendments. the senate rejected a proposal by paul ryan. president obama is scheduled to offer his own program in a few weeks. the aviation administration -- there's been no decision yet on the airports near santa
rosa, napa, concord, livermore and san carlos. reporter mike lurey reports on a pilot in sacramento who worries about safety. >> i'm hoping that there's going to be a last minute deal before these things actually close. scott miller is a pilot, he trains his students how to use the radios in the airplane to maintain proper spacing for take offs but says traffic controllers will be missed. >> being able to call traffic controller and help us locate other traffic we'll have to do those tasks ourselves. one experienced worker at executive was blunt about the anticipated impact. >> initially i think we'll have some chaos. >> reporter: myer runs myers
pacific an aviation insurer. he believes fewer planes will take off and land at executive without flight controller. >> what they want to know is there's not another weed wacker taking off that hasn't announced his intentions. >> the faa says it will save $635 million. bay area weekend is here the weather looks pretty good. the jet stream is taking everything over the top. that means no rain in the forecast at least for the next couple of days so here's the flow. as we get into the middle end of an ex week it does begin to move over the area. there's rain in the five day forecast but this weekend is going to be high and dry. these outlined area represent the small craft advisory that
is offshore. small craft advisory will be here throughout tomorrow. it'll be breezy out there it is breezy out there. but not as windy as it was last night and today. today it got really windy. it got along the delta. tomorrow less wind, more sunshine warmer day by just a couple of degrees. tomorrow we'll see a lot more upper 60s and a few more 72s and 73s. and then sunday is your warmest day on the weekend. overnight lows just like last night. upper 30s low 40s. not too cold but kind of chilly. just enough to need a jacket in the morning. here's how it goes. today was nice and breezy. the windy conditions, the breezy conditions up in the delta. higher wind, warmer day. so as we go into the bay area weekends just a slight warming trend. we go looking for rain right
now and here we are sunday. saturday's nice, sunday is nice. you get into sunday evening still nothing. it starts to break down on monday. some clouds coming in. there's things out here. this is super long range model i just wanted to give you some hope for the rain. tuesday starting to look more like a moist flow. here it starts to move in tuesday afternoon wednesday. maybe a little into friday i think we're going to see showers around here of course that's next week. we're looking into the bay area weekend and the weather is going to cooperate. 70 tomorrow, 70 in napa. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. you can get a 72 something like that. these are just numbers kind of trying to represent the city area the urban area. but you can get warmer spots you know that. if you get a 70-degree reading in livermore i wouldn't be surprised. then the five day forecast. your bay area weekend in view a little bit of rain showing up. we need it. we're running out of time here we're into spring now and we need any shot of rain we can
get so we do have a shot and it's tuesday. wednesday and probably into thursday next week. this weekend looks great. >> kind of similar to what we had this week. >> it kind of is the way it looks very weak. >> thank you bill. the fight to save the drake's bay oyster company is being waved in the u.s. senate. the oyster company was forced to close because its lease expired. they're trying to pass a low allowing the oyster company to stay in business another 10 years. we learned today the new tiger cub is a female. zoo keepers say the five -week-old cub is also healthy. vets gave her a quick five minute exam to limit separation from its mother. they still though haven't chosen a name for the new addition. the lion house will be open from 1:00 to 3:00 on the weekends for viewing. >> cute. >> very cute. an official wanted to stop a soccer match because of the
snow but the players didn't want to stop. it was the world cup qualifying match to remember. >> a reminder now you can get ktvu news to go. just download the ktvu app click the live icon and watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
a nonprofit group brought the ocean to san francisco streets just in time for world water day. this 14-foot plastic wave was on display today in u.n. plaza. the foundation says it is made up of 6,000 single use plastic bottles. the group says it is the same amount of bottles thrown away in the u.s. every five seconds. you can go to ktvu and bay area living. >> a lot of bottles. no bay area teams played today but he has all the goings on for march madness. >> three shots left, cal men and women as as usual stanford women as well all hitting the court tomorrow. mike montgomery's men hanging tough against the men of orange. pac12 con sin gent.
here against the gophers of california. andre hollins the hit. muhammad had 20 but he's picked here. there is hollins. a golden gophers streak to ucla by 20. here it is right out of nowhere the are you kidding me upset of the tournament so far georgetown sent out of town by little tiny florida gulf coast. looked like they were just having fun. chase fielder the alley oop and that combo working it again. watch it just get up and go to it. like they're out on the playground. again they win by 20 in the south region in their first ever appearance in the ncaa big dance. i bet you can pretty much make a good piece of money betting that 90% of the guys on the costa rican soccer team had never seen snow before lets alone having to play in it as they did tonight against team
usa in colorado. a winter wonderland in denver it was. it was world class 2013. that was major storm when the 16th minute of play right here. when team usa does the only business they'd need to. joint out the door his shots deflected to the captain. demsey the only goal of the night 1-0. a couple of times they wanted to quit but the players said let's keep going and they finished it off. usa unbeaten in 23 consecutive home qualifiers. meanwhile it was country club length weather at arnie palmers event in florida. it will roll 4-8. he still missed the cut today. got to know about tiger. seven time winner of this event but he bogeyed hi